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Sarah and co. offers help in organization, high school planning , SAT test preparation, college research, letters of recommendation, interview preparation, college , applications, college entrance essay support, financial aid and scholarships, ncaa recruiting process
tutoring, high school, college prep, education counseling
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We specialize in the following services.  If you have other needs, please contact us and we can customize a program for you or your student.


We offer our client’s access to professional, engaging private tutors for all subjects and grade levels.  Whether a student is struggling in language arts or is striving to excel in honors math courses, we help students reach their full potential in the classroom.


The first issue addressed is organization and time management.  All of our students begin with developing an online, sharable calendar that encompasses academics, extracurriculars, athletics and time dedicated to the college admissions process, enabling them to stay up to date with tasks and deadlines, while keeping the family informed.


Part of every student’s college admissions package is the Academic Resume.  The Academic Resume should be a reflection of a student’s experiences and values.  From as early as freshman year, we help guide high school students so that they  can get the most out of their high school experience.  We ensure that students are taking full advantage of course offerings and that they are creating meaningful relationships with their teachers.  We teach students the importance of tracking their GPA and class rank and the importance of quality performance in the classroom.  We provide guidance to students as they begin to focus their extracurricular activities to ensure meaningful experiences and to inspire character development.  All of this, synthesized into a student’s Academic Resume, shows admissions officers that a particular student is well prepared for college and would be an asset to their student body.


We establish and implement a customized study and test preparation program for the SAT and/or the ACT for all of our high school students.  As well as tutoring sessions specific to test content, we explore and perfect test taking strategies.  What is unique about our approach is that with our guidance, each student develops their own individual strategy for approaching the test.  We give our students the tools they need so that they may confidently perform at their best on “test day”.


 We brainstorm with students to solicit honest feelings of where they see themselves after high school – an initial conversation that is not always so easily had in the household.  These conversations help students develop a better idea of exactly what they want from their college experience and spark conversations about life after college.  When students have a better idea of their goals and parameters when looking at potential colleges, the conversations with family begin to become much more productive and focused.   We help students develop, evaluate and finalize a master list of potential colleges.  We then help coordinate visits and on campus meetings with admissions officers, faculty and coaches.


Every Last Detail.  We make sure every one of our students are paying attention to the details.   This includes consideration of applying ‘early decision’ or even consideration of a ‘gap year’, interview preparation and etiquette, help with communications with coaches and admissions officers, the NCAA recruiting process, getting the best letters of recommendations, and exploring financial aid and scholarship opportunities.


On average, a high school student applying to five colleges and universities will be writing between five and ten essays to be submitted with their application packages.  All this writing is in addition to their fall sport, academic course load and extracurriculars.   We provide one on one brainstorming sessions with our students to ensure their essays are well thought out, reasoned and focused.  We then provide guidance on essay structure and what admissions officers are looking for.  Following a first draft, we provide ongoing feedback, ideas and edits through cloud computing to help the student perfect their final draft.


Grades are a major component of college admissions.  High School students are pressured to take on challenging course loads.  In addition to teaching our students the importance of monitoring their classroom performance and grades, when a student is falling behind in a specific subject, we provide class specific one on one tutoring to ensure the student is doing all he or she can do to reach their personal best.


In addition to assisting high school students, we provide admissions consulting for private high schools, including SSAT Prep.  If your family has any academic support needs or questions, we’d be happy to speak with you and provide any guidance we can.